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Human and nature 
coexist in the balance!

The balanced coexistence of humans and nature is based on caring for and protecting the ecological environment of animals.
We only mass-produce milk during the normal lactation period, strictly prohibit lactation, and insist on using calves to drink

the remaining milk.
Even if this results in less milk production, you can still

experience an extraordinary aroma.


Caring for nature and respecting life is our aim.
The earth, which does not belong to humans, supports many lives.
We should cherish the gifts given to us by nature, and we need to learn to balance various animals and plants.
We hope that everyone can enjoy the natural gifts happily through our soft ice cream,
cherish every drop of ingredient, and respect all kinds of animals.

The predecessor of EliubīS is a manufacturer specializing in soft ice cream equipment for the European market.
It has the European core technology and is entrusted to manufacture by various brands.

In order to have better quality, we have ingredient factory and have good milk sources from all over the world.
Not until we found ranchers in the Alps, do we know the quality of milk can be so high.
The quality originates from the rancher's love for animals.

Liubī means "Caring" in Althochdeutsch, Liubī+Eis stands for "Caring Ice",
This is how EliubīS comes from. Love keeps each other together.  
Our commitment to the rancher shall be fulfilled.

eliubis、愛留彼此、冰淇淋、霜淇淋、小牛、牧草、牛奶、eliubis、ice cream、gelato、tasty


Meadow feed consumed by cow improves the nutritional value of milk, which contains milk fat, protein, vitamins and minerals, and all these provides a valuable nutritional base for humans. Concentrated feed is a supplement of meadow feed. It is made of wheat and soybeans, which can provide enough energy for animals, and, if properly adjusted, can promote the healthy growth of animals. Please be assured that we absolutely do not use any ingredients containing genetically modified organisms, animal powder, hormones or antibiotics to promote growth.


Approximately two-thirds of agricultural land in Switzerland is not suitable for agricultural production. About 8 to 10 million tons of meadow feed grows on most grasslands, ranches and alpine grasslands. The meadow has a high nutritional value, of which cannot be digested and absorbed by humans compared with other crops. For humans in order to obtain the nutrition of Swiss grasslands, we must rely on the support of animals.


Only 10% to 20% of the nutrients digested by cows are converted into milk, and most of the nutrients are excreted through feces and urine. These excreta are returned to the grassland in the form of liquid fertilizer and become one of the most important nutrients in the grassland soil. You will see that our ranchers reduce the risk of environmental pollution by a natural way of of nutrient cycle .




Eliubis CO., LTD.

TEL: (04)-23200440


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